Sinerje' Custom Bracelets


Custom Set
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      Customize your Sinerje' Set!

      Here is the breakdown of the customize sets:

      2 Bracelets- 1 small Charm 2 Bling Beads & other accent pieces 

      3 Bracelets- 1 Large Charm 2 Bling beads and other accents pieces

      4 Bracelets- 1 Large Charm, 1 Small Charm, 3 Bling Beads ,and other accents pieces
      5 Bracelets- 2 Large Charms 2 Small Charms, 4 Bling Beads, and other accent pieces
      6 Bracelets- 2 Large Charms 3 Small Charms, 5 Bling Beads, and other accent pieces

      Shortly, after your Sinerje' Custom purchase we will send you a survey to get more information regarding your custom set. There is a 2-3 week turn around with Custom Orders.

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