Meet Your Designers


 Kai Douglas, Latoya Douglas and Eboni Spruill, all natives of Chicago, shared an individual passion for fashion that collided in 2013, to later take form as SNOBish in the years to follow.





Kai Douglas, sought for a way to express her creative curiosity for fashion shortly after the completion of her baccalaureate degree from Roosevelt University. By way of one conversation after another, her and her sister-in-law, Latoya (Toya) Douglas, took a joint leap of faith resulting in their first fashion boutique venture, Vixen Style Studio, in July 2012. What started as an online boutique went to brick-and-mortar shortly after inception. Toya’s ingenuity and drive aided in Vixen Style Studio’s ability to grow by means of social media, accumulating 20K followers on all social media platforms. This venture exposed both ladies to a wide lens of fashion which operated for six years earning styling appearances on JET, Ebony online, WGN, FOX News, Windy City Live, and Rolling Out Magazine, by way of some highly sought after muses, including, but not limited to, Ledisi, Ashley Everett, Kimmie G, and Hannah Douglass (Lead dancers for Beyonce’ Knowles), Kim Kimble, and Trina Braxton. Complimenting Toya & Kai’s love of family and for fashion, it was almost instantaneous that they welcomed the warm and creative conversations of fellow entrepreneur and fashionista, Eboni Spruill, whose independent fashion venture, Haute Transit, was within walking distance. Haute Transit, LLC, was Chicago’s 1 st Fashion Truck Experience, also serving several celebrity clientele and local women of influence throughout the Chicago land area. Eboni’s innovation was a perfect coupling to the experience brought by the ladies of Vixen Style Studio, that once explored further erupted into a SNOBish. After realizing that their combination was a commodity unseen by the market, Kai, Latoya, and Eboni explored the many avenues their passion, skills and experience could present, and they proudly began curating one-of-a-kind bracelets known as Sinerje’, a SNOBish brand. With their overlap in creativity, goal-oriented state of mind, and desires to fulfill purpose, it’s no wonder why success meets them wherever they go and this is just the beginning.

Stay tuned…